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Whether your dream is to break into the front office of a leading bulge bracket investment bank, work as a middle market M&A professional, or launch your own M&A firm, Investment Banking University is the path forward.

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Hey there, my name is Michael Herlache MBA. I'm the founder of Investment Banking University.

Investment Banking University was founded in order to close the skills gap of the investment banking front office. All current investment banking training is focused on the quantitative skills of financial modeling & valuation, the responsibility of the analyst and associate. Previously, there has been no front office investment banking training which teaches the primary work of the IB front office including coverage, mandate/target matching, origination, deal structuring and the M&A process.

Investment Banking University Courses

Why Investment Banking University

Investment Banking Coverage Skills

Learn investment banking coverage skills to begin the front office investment banking process.

Investment Banking Mandate/Target Matching

Mandate/target matching is a crucial part of the front office investment banking process.

Investment Banking Origination

Learn what it takes to originate your own M&A deals.

Deal Structuring

Learn how to structure investment banking deals and then run the M&A process.

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