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Building the Pitchbook

As mentioned earlier, the pitchbook is an origination document meant to win sell side business for the investment bank.

There are two main types of pitchbooks that are created.


Introduction & Market Overviews– Introducing the investment bank and giving market updates to potential clients. This is origination work and is associated with then allowing you to pitch different strategic alternatives for the company.

  1. Slides showing investment bank structure & coverage
  2. Slides showing tombstones of deals that you have worked on in the past in the sub-sector showing that you have relevant experience
  3. Slides showing a market overview with recent trends and deals in the market and data on how similar companies (“comps”) have been performing lately


Mandate Deal Pitches – To win sell-side M&A & buy-side M&A mandates, IPOs mandates, debt issuance mandates


Sell-side M&A Pitches:

  1. Bank Overview
  2. Situation / Positioning Overview

Slides that show what will make the company an attractive acquisition target and how you would pitch it to potential buyers.

  1. Valuation Summary

Slides that describe the valuation of the company including a football field showing the valuation range along with a description of the ultimate valuation. Also includes the individual methodologies to back up the valuation.

  1. Potential Buyers

Slides that show most likely buyers from strategic to financial in a summary format with detailed company profiles afterward

  1. Summary & Recommendation on Process

Shows the process of the M&A engagement and how long it will take and the steps broken down.

  1. Appendix

Models, data, additional profiles


Buy-Side M&A Pitches

  1. Lists the potential acquisition candidates and includes profiles of the companies
  2. Short information about valuation multiples of targets


Debt Financing or IPO Pitches

Includes financing valuation models – debt or equity financing models and how much will raise and at what valuation


A management presentation is different than a pitchbook since a pitchbook is used to win business, while a management presentation is part of the marketing material once you have actually won the mandate.













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