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In building AltQuest’s initial book of business, we sent over 2,000 emails to our initial coverage group, industrials/manufacturers. The response rate was approximately 2%. Of those that responded approximately 50% were interested in seller and 50% were interested in taking an offer on their business. Of those that were interested in selling their business, approximately 50% accepted our fee agreement.   When first starting the M&A firm, majority of time should be spent originating sell side mandates.

At Investment Banking University, we are often asked , "How to build a boutique investment bank?", so we created a methodology for doing so consistent with that which built AltQuest Group (, the middle market boutique investment bank. This methodology is known as the Boutique Investment Bank Methodology which goes as follows:   Decide on IB product (M&A, capital-raising, growth advisory) Decide on size of market to cover (public co's, middle market, lower middle market) Decide

LOI to accept price and terms.   Due diligence is open book time where buyer investigates the business to see if it is how the seller represented it.   SMB due diligence: Standard asset purchase agreement is provided by M&A professional and contingencies for due diligence placed in the contract.   A buyer agrees to purchase the company provided the conditions are met. Due diligence items are checked off in writing as they are dealt with and a binding contract is remaining

After the strategic or financial buyer decides to draft an LOI and proceed with an acquisition of a given target, the purchase agreement will need to be drafted. In the LMM, the investment banker may draft the agreement himself/herself, but as transactions get larger, M&A attorneys will be involved and take the lead with the creation of the purchase agreement. The investment banker will stay actively involved in the drafting of the agreement. While due diligence

The LOI is non-binding except for a few terms:   Non-disclosure No shop clause   LOI states terms of what the deal will look like and then allows the buyer time to verify the information presented and creates a roadmap for attorneys to craft the final purchase agreement.   Price and structure should be settled in the LOI without negotiation left afterwards.   Details should include: Seller note Earn out Compensation agreement for seller if staying on Status of net working capital items New

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