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Understanding how the global capital market is evolving is essential for CEOs and CFOs raising capital, financial institutions seeking to shape the market, policy makers tasked with regulating it, and investors seeking to profit from it.   McKinsey created a database of the financial assets of more than 100 countries since 1980. Together, these assets comprise the global financial stock, or financial capital available for intermediation.   Among the three most important types of markets—those for capital, products, and

Finance with Excel Express your decisions using Excel. Excel is the premier business computational tool   Implement financial analysis using the tool for financial analysis, Excel   Valuation process   Heart of finance is time value of money and discounting   Excel Concepts Needed for Finance Write down variables (defining the parameters of the decision) Absolute or relative values copying (=A1) (=$A$1) and formulas Functions (=fx(    )) Data tables (“sensitivity tables”)   Express Decisions with Excel Implement financial analysis with Excel       Using a Financial Model for Decision Making: The Investment Decision Ability to

Analyzing Value Strategics, financials, and entrepreneurs undertake investment with the expectation of NPV & IRR. They accept projects that have positive NPV and IRR higher than the cost of capital. They actively find and structure positive NPV projects and then match financial products to them.   The positive NPV project is ideally a perpetuity with the value of the business being the perpetuity value:   Perpetuity value =  CF / Discount rate   Calculating NPV & IRR is the main analytical work

Value The formula for value is:   Perpetuity value = CF / Discount rate   Accounts and Accounting In order to track valuation performance of the perpetuity (i..e business), companies create accounts for each item of it’s financial existence. These accounts are the basis of valuation. Valuation is the basis of actions taken in a capitalist economy.   Accounts, Accounting & Excel Excel is the software used to model the accounts of the enterprise and determine the valuation of the perpetuity (i.e. business).   Account Filings

The name of the perpetuity game is to build as large and passive a benefit stream as possible. There are three sides that one can engage in in order to do so as mentioned in the last chapter; the build side, sell side and buy side.   Though there are different sides to the perpetuity, the perpetuity scientist should understand the entire process of playing the perpetuity game including mastering the capabilities and knowledge necessary to play

In order to build benefit streams (wealth), individuals engage in the perpetuity game by building or buying perpetuities. In order to build a perpetuity, a single benefit stream must be created first and then that benefit stream is to be de-risked. After de-risking that benefit stream and continuing to grow it, the individual may build another benefit stream that is synergistic with the initial benefit stream so that capabilities and functionality may be taken advantage

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