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Nature does not provide for man, so he must use reason to obtain value. Since his task is both survival and pleasure, man must use philosophy and science to determine what is valuable and then to build something to obtain said value. That which he builds should not require the same work continually to operate; this is the basis for the perpetuity. A perpetuity is an asset that generates a benefit stream continuously into the

Business is the bringing together of demand with a product in order to build a benefit stream. The demand can be purchased and the product can be built, purchased or merely sold. As demand transacts to obtain the product, the benefit stream grows. The goal of the businessman is to broaden and deepen the pipeline of demand while improving the product until it is irreplaceable to consumers and moves from discretionary to a necessity. As

The standard MBA curriculum at most business schools is broken down along siloed subjects such as accounting, finance, management, operations, and marketing and attempts to teach students how to be a mid-level manager at a large corporation for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, these jobs are mostly gone, having been shipped overseas or automated. This MBA curriculum is thus outdated and not appropriate for the 21st century when most individuals will have multiple jobs

There are many investment banking texts out there that claim that financial modeling and valuation is the core work of the investment banker. This is simply not the truth. The core work of the investment banker is origination, mandate/target matching, and deal structuring. It should follow that a text/course on investment banking should be based upon the same. It is the good fortune that the reader has encountered such a book/course. Investment Banking: M&A Origination,

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